State Theatre

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September 6, 2011   
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Recently acquired by the Traverse City Film Festival the State Theatre was originally built in 1918 and rebuilt in 1923 after a fire. It showed the first talking movie seen in Northern Michigan in 1929 when it was known as the Lyric Theatre. It closed down in 1991, before being revitalized by being used during the Traverse City Film Festival beginning in 2005. On November 17, 2007, the community celebrated the grand opening of the theater as a year round art house. The building was restored in an astonishing six week period through hundreds of volunteer hours and financial support from the community private donations.
The restoration</span> project consisted of renovating the lobby spaces and concessions area as well as the 530 seat auditorium.  The most challenging portion of the project was the addition of a 100 seat balcony and exit stair. The theatre also boasts the largest screen in northern Michigan and an advanced sound and video system. The gem of the auditorium is the starry ceiling made of over 5,000 fiber optic lights placed in an exact representation of the august night sky in Northern Michigan.